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Treating of:

Drawing, Painting, Limning and Etching


Alexander Browne

(Published in 1669)

Drawings of D. G. Rosetti Cover Thumbnal

Of the Vertue and Praise of Proportion Symetry:
Of the Necessity and Definition of Proportion:
Of the Head in Profile or Side-ways:
Of the Fore-right Face:
Of a Head in Fore-shortening:
Of the Side-Face without any Measure:
Of Serveral Observations in drawing a Head after the Life:
Of the Proportion of a Man of ten Faces:
Of the Proportion of Mans Body of ten Faces:
Of the extravigant Proportion of a Mans Body of Ten Faces:
Of the Proportion of a young Man of nine Heads:
Of the Proportion of a Man of Eight Heads:
Of the Proportion of a Mans Body of Seven Heads:
Of the Proportion of a Woman of ten Faces:
Of the Proportion of a Woman of ten Heads:
Of the Proportion of a Woman of nine Faces:
Of the Proportion of a Woman of nine Heads:
Of the Proportions of a Woman of seven Heads:
Of the Proportion of Children:
The Definition of Painting:
Of the Vertue of Light:
Of the Necessity of Light:
Of the Nature of Light:
Of the Virtue and Efficacy of Motion:
Of the Necessity of Motion:
Of the Passions of the Minde their Original and Difference:
How the Body is altered by the passions of the Minde:
Of the Motions procured by the seven Planets:
Of Jupiter:
Of Mars:
Of Sol:
Of Venus:
Of Mercury:
Of Luna:
How all the Motions may accidently befall any man through diversity:
Of Divers others Necessary Motions:
Of the Motions of all forts of Cloth or Drapery:
Of the Motions of Trees and other things that are moved:
The Art of Miniture or Limning:
Of the colours to be useful in Limning:
The way and manner of preparing colours:
Of white Lead:
Colours to be washed and How:
Of Colours to be washed:
Of Colours to be ground:
Of the Nature of Colours in general:
Observations in grinding:
To wash Bice:
How to Choose you pencils:
To prepare a Tablet to work on:
:The ground colour for a Face:
The Order of shadowes for the Face
To begin a Face:
The Order to be observed in drawing by the life:
Concerning dead Colouring:
The second work of Limning:
The Order of Limning in in the seccond fitting:
A Crimson ground:
The manner of finishing at the thrird fitting:
Concerning Ornamnets:
A Receipe to make Liquid Gold:
Of Landskip:
A Dark Green:
A rare secret to perserve Colours:
Some general Observations in Miniture:
To make Crayons or Pastels:
To make white:
To make white Lead:
To prepare a Card for a Picture:
To prepare white excellently:
Concerning Wax work or Moulding:
To craft in Moulds:
To counterfeit Roch Candid Fvveetmeets:
To counterfeit Pearl:
The manner how to draw with Indian Ink:
How to prevent your Colour from sinking:
The manner how to draw with water colour satin:
A farther observation Grinding:
How to prepare Umber:
The grounds and rules of Etching:
The Instruments with their particular names to Etch withall:
The use and property of every particalar Insturment:
The manner and way to make the ground:
A red ground:
A white ground:
A black ground:
Another ground:
The manner and way to lay the ground upon the Plate:
The way to draw the out lines of any drawing upon the plate:
Serveral observations in Hatching:
Necessary observation in Etching Landkips:
How to lay a wax wall upon a plate:
How to use a qua Fortis on the plate:
Observations by which you may know when it is deep enough:
Another way to know when it is deep enough:
A way to lay a white ground upon a black:
A way to lay a red ground upon a black:
A receipe for a ground taken out of a Manuscript:
The ground of Rinbrant of Rine:
The way to preserve a Ground in Frosty weather:
The way to perserve the Plate from injury:
A way to make Aqua Fortis eat soft or hard:
Obervations in Etching prospective:
A way to grave any hand or letter upaon a Copper Plate:
The way to polish a Copper Plate:
The Names of the Insturments used to Polish:
The use of every particular tool or Insturment:
The manner or way ov Mezo Tinto:
Mouths, Chins and Nostrils:
Older Bearded Male Heads (and hand):
Youthful Female and Male Heads:
Heads and Hands:
Hands (mostly in outline):
Hands (rendered with shading):
Arms, Hands and Profiles:
Arms and Hands:
Feet (one hand and face):
Legs and Feet:
Legs and Feet:
Youths and Babies:
Male and Female Trunks:
Female Trunks with heads:
Male Trunks with heads:
Standing Figures with Outlines:
Standing Figures with Skeletons and Outlines:
Standing Female Figures:
Babies (cherubs):
Cherubs and Scenes from Christs Birth:
Clothed Standing Female Figures:
Floating Female Figures:
Angelic Female Figures:
Joseph and Mary: