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Principes De Dessein
(Principles of Drawing)

A Collection of 94 Illustrations giving examples of Figure Drawing From 1700.

Plates: 2-5 - Facial Features

Plates: 6-25 - Heads and Features

Plates: 26-35 Hands and Arms

Plates: 36-40 Feet and Legs

Plate: 41 Torso

Plate: 42 Standing Figure Proportions (10 heads heroic)

Plates: 43-52 Whole Figures (adults and children)

Plate: 53 Cover for Roman Dress Section

Plate: 54-77 Whole Figures in Roman Dress

Plate 78 Cover for "Modern" Dressed Figures (from the 16th Century)

Plates: 79-97 Dressed Figures in "Moderen" Dress (from the 16th Century)




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