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Free-Hand Drawing


Anson K. Cross

Drawings of D. G. Rosetti Cover Thumbnal


Chapter I.

Outline Drawing: 1
General Directions: 3
Drawing from Single Objects: 4
Drawing from Groups: 9

Chapter II.

Objects for Study 21

Chapter III.

The Glass Slate 26

Chapter IV. Special Directions for Teachers.

Drawing on the Slate 31
Foreshortening 34
Drawing on Paper 39
Blackboard Drawing 41

Chapter V.

Tests 42

Chapter VI.

Free-Hand Perspective or Model Drawing: 54
Lesson I. Forshortned Planes and Lines 56
Lesson II. Parallel and Equal Lines not Foreshortened. 57
Lesson III. The Horizontal Circle 57
Lesson IV. Parallel Lines 58
Lesson V. Parallel Retreating Horizontal Lines 59
Lesson VI. The Square 59
Lesson VII. The Appearance of Equal Spaces on any line 60
Lesson VII. The Triangle 61
Lesson IX. The Prism 61
Lesson X. The Cylinder 62
Lesson XI. The Cone 64
Lesson XII. The Regular Hexagon 64
Lesson XIII. The Centre of teh Ellipse deos not Represent the Centre of the Circle 65
Lesson XIV. Concentric Circles 65
Lesson XV. Vase Forms 66
Lesson XVI. Frames 67
Drawings Illustrating the Rules 68

Chapter VII.

Scientific Perspective and Model Drawing: 78

Chapter VIII.

Composition: 119
Definitions: 133


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